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Amplify your personal and professional potential 

"I have nothing but praises for Dora who was engaged as our team coach for our 7 member team. Despite the members’ unfamiliarity with team coaching, Dora managed to effectively bring us through an inquiry process to allow us to reflect on and develop a common topic to work on. Through Dora’s guidance, the team became more aware of own potential and became much more confident and energised towards becoming a value-creating team. Dora had a great coaching style and masterful coaching presence that was friendly, balanced, intervening when needed but allowing the team to find our own voice during the session as the team became comfortable. I would recommend Dora for any organisation looking for a coach to help with developing high performance, high value teams".

Group Director & Board Secretary - Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore


I was fortunate enough to meet and partner with Dora during a recent executive leadership course that I attended at GE. First, to conduct team coaching sessions over the course of the program, but more importantly, to conduct individual 1x1 coaching sessions (4 in total). I have to admit, given COVID and the fact that this course was being conducted remotely from start to finish, plus pandemic fatigue over the past year, I came into those coaching sessions with quite some scepticism; but I was quickly proved wrong. These are a few reasons why Dora was different: 

1. She started y ensuring we established a safe and common grounds ... making sure I felt comfortable opening up, sharing, contemplating, exchanging, but also being vulnerable and unafraid to do so.

2. She acted as a true partner, not just a coach, "to help me unlock potential"... actively listening about my career journey, things that went well, others that did not.

3. She always contextualized and put things in perspective ... one thing that stuck with me "coaching is making a healthy person extraordinary"

4. She ensured those sessions were not a one-stop fix, but a part of my ongoing leadership journey. An journey of iterations, adjustments, setbacks, resets, repositioning with an aim of getting better. 

5. She was there to listen whenever I needed ... and continued to offer me support after our course ended. With the same intentions and objectives - to help me improved

Vice President of Sales & Commercial, APAC & China at GE Power


Although Dora and I did not know each other before, I felt that she was able to establish and provide a safe and relaxed space between her (coach) and me (client), which made me trust her quickly and made me willing to participate in the coaching process.  In the coaching process, I first understood the difference between the coach and mentor, consultant and trainer, which was helpful for me. Since my role is more or less related to these aspects, with a clear understanding, I can play a more accurate role in these roles, conducive to the development of related activities. Through listening, powerful asking, reflection process, Dora helped me to explore and dig deeper into my own experience and move my perspective and reach a higher state of consciousness in communication. It is without any hesitation that I would strongly recommend Dora to those who need coaching services. 

Daisy Cao; Senior Director, Organisational Development. Special Olympics East Asia


Dora demonstrates extraordinary mastery skills both in her amazing coaching sessions and also as a Mentor Coach. 

She displays exceptional presence, provides thorough answers to all our questions, and eagerly to share skills and tips. 

Dora brings her deep understanding of coaching to the work. 

I enjoyed a lot every single session with her. She is like a sun ray bringing light, warmth and easiness when we need it more than ever. I highly recommend her as a coach and a mentor. 

One more time, massive thanks to you, dear Dora, for your guidance, insight and all your support.

Magda Tepoi, Mentee


“During my GE Business Leadership Program, I had the privilege of having one-on-one coaching from Dora Nelleman. Dora's coaching sessions were incredibly valuable for my personal and business growth. Given the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we leaders operate in today, stress has become a constant part of us as we try to do the right things for our teams and customers. Dora was able to help me appreciate the benefits of practicing mindfulness that help me stay focused. She was able to hold a mirror in front of me that helped me self-reflect and improve on my coach like leadership skills.

I cherished the moments we spend together and would like to thank Dora for being that incredible partner in my leadership journey.”

Executive Engineering Leader – General Electric Co., Gas Power Asia

GE ex

Doramontie Nelleman is a very inspiring coach whose presence, energy and way of understanding and working with her client is clear, strong, and powerful. When you find the right coach any question about geography, distance and where, and when is non-existent. In my case, the guidance and wisdom of my coach Doramontie reaches me all the way from Singapore to Scandinavia. 

Mette Meldgard, Executive 

Dora's coaching sessions have been an invaluable part of my personal and business growth.

As the founder and director of my own company, there have been many stressful times of worry and self doubt. Leading a team can be a daunting task at times and I have had my share of questions and hesitations.

Speaking with Dora about my inner fears & speculations have helped me to better understand myself. She has always shown compassion and empathy when I doubted myself and have encouraged me to trust my inner compass and keep believing in my potential. She asks the right questions that have helped me to sort through my mind and make constructive decisions. 

She has cheered me on & celebrated with me, when I reached milestones and recognition in my work. 

She has been my mentor. 

I LOVE my sessions with Dora and call it my 'therapy' time! 

I have spoken about her to all my friends and can't wait for them to discover her sessions.

Tenie Sangma, Entrepreneur

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