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Mindful Movement

Join me in a journey of discovery, agility and growth through mindful movement and mindfulness. Just like my coaching sessions, my yoga and mediation sessions bring you all that I have to offer.  Mind and body come together when they are focused at and directed to one particular point. Choose between a transformative mediation or join me for a powerful energetic movement session.


Group Yoga Practice

Join us every Sunday and Wednesday at 4pm Singapore time on Zoom for a weekly transformative Yoga Practice. A session where you will experience feeling physically and mentally grounded and rested with a rush of dopamine and serotonin (bliss chemicals).


Meditation for Coaches

You can join just for the mediation session at the beginning of the Group Yoga Practice, on Sunday and Wednesday at 4pm Singapore time. Being present is an essential skill for a coach. In this session we exercise the muscle of awareness and progressively build up the ability to be in the here and the now.  


Mastering Presence

Presence is one of the key competencies of coaching and of leadership, in general. If you wish to master the skills and cultivate presence, join us in this meditation session where we will go through centering, grounding and breathing practice.


Private Practice

A one-on-one class is ideal if you have a specific goal, like if you are recovering from an injury or if you are new to the yoga practice. It will help you set the foundations and safely perform your asanas. Also if  you want to deepen your mediation and mindfulness practice.

Meditation Hand Gesture
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