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Amplify your personal and professional potential 

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I’m passionate about helping leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and teams being on top of their game and attaining their highest fulfilment. Being an ardent supporter of continuous learning, development and growth, I provide mentoring and workshop-based facilitation programs to my coaching colleagues and to corporate executives who are aspiring to be coach-like leaders. Indeed, my mission is being of service. 


My name is Doramontie Nelleman and I’m an executive coach and a team coach. I bring with me more than 20 years of rich corporate experience, prior to transitioning into the coaching world.  I’m proud to have had the experience of working with some of the Fortune 500 companies, helping leaders with their strategic, change management and executive communications. 


If you are a leader with a desire to become a coach-like leader, I’ll be honoured to partner with you and walk alongside you in your transformative journey. Let’s have a chat!

My Coaching Journey

Transitioning from the corporate world to the coaching space felt very natural to me. Not only because of the nature of my work that already involved engaging with the top executives, but because I was regarded as a coach by my colleagues and stakeholders long before I officially became one. Helping others excel was always a part of my DNA and fulfilling to me. 


My adventure started as a communications consultant and soon my work led me to research how to formalise my coaching skills by signing up for a coaching course. The rest is a history. I couldn't be happier for the decision I made as I truly believe I finally found my calling. What followed after that was many 'Zoom' hours of training, practicing and strengthening my coaching muscles. 


Today, I'm one of the one percent of Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in the world and one of the few MCCs in Singapore. MCC is the highest credential in the coaching industry.


My clients (both local and global) come from both public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies. I’m ever so grateful for their trust and confidence in me as their thinking partner. 



  • Master certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Foundation (IFC)

  • Certified Transformational Master Coach by the Coach Masters Academy Global

  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach

  • Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • Global Leadership Assessment Certified Coach by Global Coach Group (GCG) 

  • Official Member of Forbes Couches Council

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While changing career paths I discovered a transformative Yoga practice that became the catalyst to get me where I am today. I was struck by how coaching and the ancient knowledge of yoga complement each other so wonderfully. I started noticing the way my regular practice was helping me not only to build and strengthen my physical muscles, but the muscles of my mind. It helped me to be more centred, grounded and present - all of which were key to my coaching practice.


I then became a certified Yoga Teacher. Mindful Movement Yoga practice was born to share with my students the benefits of both disciplines combined - to provide physical and mental wellbeing as well as emotional agility.


About Mindful Movement



  • 40 Hour Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Mastery Meditation 

  • Baptiste Yoga Level 1 (100 Hours)

  • Transformative Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours) New Angle (Baptiste-inspired)

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