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Coaching Services

As a Master Certified Coach, I help individuals and organisations navigate the path to achieving their goals. I offer transformative coaching programs that are fully customisable, in one-on-one sessions, in groups and teams.

Boat Cleaning

Propeller Program

Executive One-on-one Coaching for 12 months

Propeller is a personalised power-packed program that includes 12 coaching hours and 2 hours of free mentoring session. For a period of a year, leaders / executives will enjoy coaching sessions and resources helping them move forward in their personal and professional goals, and beyond.

Gunwale Program

Group/Team Coaching for 12 months

Gunwale is designed to match the needs of the organisation, whether it’s coaching a selected group of individuals or an existing team to help move forward. This program is an essential for organisations in today’s ever-changing VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) landscape.

Sailboat Deck

Bow Program

Life coaching one-on-one

Bow is a personalised program built to enable you to stay ahead and upfront on your personal and professional journey. Navigating through life can sometimes get choppy and foggy. I can help you lift the fog so you can see the path ahead and move forward.

Explorer Program

Team Retreats (minimum of 5 days)

Explorer is a coaching and mindful movement program outside of the work environment. In the current pandemic times, Explorer is going Virtual and it’s highly recommendable to help the team re-discover what is possible for them. 

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